The DILG-ARMM is mandated to assist the Regional Governor in the exercise of general supervision over local government units, promote peace and order, ensure public safety, develop and strengthen local government capabilities to promote local autonomy, decentralization, community empowerment aimed towards the effective delivery of basic services to inhabitants of the region.


Executive Order 425, Section 5(b)

The Department of the Interior and Local Government - Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DILG-ARMM) serves as the facility to:

  1. Advice the Regional Governor on the promulgation of regional policies, rules, regulations and other issuances relative to the general supervision of local government;
  2. Establish and prescribe rules, regulations and other issuances, implementing laws on the supervision of local governments and the promotion of local autonomy and community empowerment and monitor compliance thereof by said units;
  3. Provide assistance in the preparation of regional legislation affecting local government;
  4. Establish and prescribe regional plans, policies, programs and projects to strengthen the administrative, technical and fiscal capabilities of local government offices and personnel,